Established in 2014 by a team of South African students, Keep That Gold Shining (KTG) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to unlock the full potential of the country’s youth. Our goal as members of the South African community is to provide access to information and opportunities that many (including members of our team) were deprived of, we aim to empower young people through leadership and personal development programs, recognizing that true leadership qualities coupled with increased knowledge in critical areas can bring about positive change not only in South Africa, but on a global scale.

Our Moto

At KTG, we live by the motto “juntos podemos”, the latin phrase meaning “together we can”. We strongly believe that teamwork and collaboration are key to achieving success. No one can do it alone; progress is made possible when we work together. It is well documented that the best innovation does not happen when a group of like-minded individuals come together, it happens when a group of people with different backgrounds and perspectives work together to create something robust. The diversity of South Africa is our greatest strength as a nation, it’s about time we took advantage of it. Our goal therefore, is to bring positive change to previously disadvantaged communities, with the aim of providing a platform for these previously untapped and unique perspectives to grow and strengthen so that they can contribute to our better tomorrow. We are committed to achieving this through the support and assistance of leading companies and organisations in South Africa. We appreciate that it takes a responsible village to raise a child and that everyone’s contribution matters. Let us work together toward a brighter future for all, because ‘together we can’!

Where We operate:

As a young and fast growing organisation, our primary focus is on the township areas, rural areas and other disadvantaged schools around South Africa. As a prototype we started operating in two of the townships in Gauteng, namely, Soshanguve and Winterveldt where we tested our projects with 2 schools. Now we are fully functional in over 10 schools, and several communities spanning over 2 provinces with ambitions to continue growing sustainably. Our primary place of operation is South Africa and we believe that the projects we offer are not limited to any region of the country. In addition, KTG online had a soft launch at the end of 2022 and is in a beta-phase, with the aim of sharing our resources with anyone who is willing, regardless of their geographical location.

Company Objectives

Keep That Gold Shining seeks to improve the lives of the South African youth by helping them unleash or unearth their hidden potential. This is achieved by providing a variety of different programs, each designed to develop the youth of South Africa in different ways by increasing the limited opportunities available to youth in rural communities.

1. Our oganisation’s main objectives are to:
– Increase the number of individuals in STEM/Management careers from rural communities through aiding students with additional Mathematics, Physics and Accounting assistance as well as introducing new technological and coding courses at a highschool level.
– Implement smart distance learning by encouraging ICT literacy.
– Empower the South African youth by encouraging personal development.
– Install the mind-set of social entrepreneurship and sustainability in rural communities through educating learners about financial literacy and sustainability.

2. The organisation’s secondary objectives will be to:
– Nurture the growth of its own members.
– To enlighten privileged students to the harsh realities many of our fellow South Africans face every day in the pursuit to improve their lives and prospective futures through education. In this way, hopefully a more understanding and cooperative unified South African can be created.
– Collaborate with organisations that share the same vision.
– Assist and solve social economic problems.

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