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We focus our programs on four main pillars, namely, Academic, Technological, Personal and Community Development.

Academic Development

The academic development pillar aims to provide the necessary resources and assistance to facilitate learners in reaching their academic potential, namely through the MAP (Mathematics, Accounting and Physical Sciences) Program.

MAP (Mathematics) Program:

The aim is to create an environment in which JCP tutors can pass on their experience and knowledge, specifically in mathematics, physics and accounting, to high school learners in communities where the learning opportunities are limited. Each JCP group will be assigned to a group of high school learners for which they (as a team) will be responsible. Furthermore, each JCP student in the group will be assigned to 1 (or 2) of these individual high school learners for a more individualized learning experience.

Technological Development

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and access to information are now more important than ever before in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The lack of exposure to ICT, computing and engineering in these poorer communities have deprived learners with brilliant potential of the opportunity to make a significant impact in these industries. KTG strives to close this gap by not only exposing these learners to the endless possibilities in the fields of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (EBIT) but by also introducing them to basic concepts in these industries to ensure that they are not at such a disadvantage when they finish high school and progress through the tertiary education systems.

Computer Literacy Program:

The greatest shortcoming of the South African education system is the disparity in computer literacy programs. Many school learners from communities in and around Gauteng, do not have access to basic computer literacy skills. This program aims to provide learners from rural communities with an opportunity to learn lifelong skills that will enable them to work comfortably on a computer and common software programs.

Robotics/Coding Program:

This program aims to introduce learners to critical thinking and problem-solving skills required to create simple programs and to implement simple robotic applications. The program progresses to more advanced activities such as learning to program in popular programming languages such as Python and Java as well as on microprocessors.

Personal Development

Facilitating an environment in which people from different walks of life can mutually benefit from an exchange of ideas and experiences to accelerate their personal development.

Building Victorious Women Program:

This program aims to inspire and empower young women from rural communities to break the perceptions of gender norms that are commonplace in communities in South Africa. The JCP students will be required to assist in STEM program specifically designed and catered for young South African women.

Mentorship Program:

The aim of the program is to facilitate an environment in which people from different walks of life can mutually benefit from an exchange of ideas and experiences. The JCP students will be grouped with a mentee which they will assist in accelerating their personal and academic development.

Sports Education Program:

The program identifies the need to integrate sports with education. Using sports as a motivation for kids to gain balance between academic success and their passion for particular sports. The aim is to take on sports teams in the township which often include learners who no longer attend school, and to integrate them back into educational institutions in their area that can teach them basic life skills as well as aid them in dealing with psychological difficulties and trauma they may have experienced.

Community Development

The aim is to build more sustainability into struggling communities. This involves everything from building projects to initiatives working on the planting and maintenance of vegetation gardens.

Building Sustainable Communities Program:

The program aims to create a more sustainable community for families in less fortunate communities. This involves everything from building projects to the planting of sustainable vegetation initiatives.

If you are interested in any of the abovementioned programs, you can apply here.

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