Christmas is a time of love, joy, and giving. Each year, we celebrate this spirit through our special event aimed at spreading hope. Our co-founder, Manchala Sithole, driven by his commitment to uplift communities, embarks on an annual visit to various villages. This tradition began in 2021, and on December 23rd this year, he visited Ga-Mashishi village in Limpopo province. This followed successful visits to Mamelodi with the Eye of Hope Foundation and Ga-Modjadji with the Hands of Warmth Foundation. Our focus is on supporting early childhood development, children in child-headed and single-parent households, and those in homes with unemployed parents.

Our co-founder, who grew up in a child-headed home, draws inspiration from his childhood struggles to drive this initiative. The event, “It’s All About the Kids,” emphasizes nurturing mentally joyful children to cultivate future leaders filled with hope, confidence, and courage.

The turnout exceeded expectations, with 105 kids from the village, accompanied by supportive parents, enjoying a Christmas movie in a cinema-like setting with popcorn and sweets. A jumping castle added to the fun. This experience, often unavailable to these children, became a highlight. The event was hosted at the Kogolakae Early Childhood Development Center, recently upgraded by Anglo American, in collaboration with local partners and under the leadership of Maaphotle Mashishi, representing Kgoshi Dr Mashishi.

A significant part of the event was the donation of 48 school shoes by KTG, resonating with the co-founder’s childhood when he needed donations for school essentials. This gesture reflects his commitment to ensuring no child endures similar hardships. We aim to build a lasting relationship with the Ga-Mashishi community and are considering the next village for our journey.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all donors who contributed to the success of this initiative and the Marula platinum mine’s Engineering team for their exceptional support in planning and facilitating the event. As we ponder our next destination, we remain guided by the spirit of giving and community upliftment.

Have a very Merry Christmas with love from the KTG team 🎄💚❤️

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