Bridging the Practical Gap: Initiating Our Sustainability Project to Revolutionize Science and Computer Labs

An uplifting event recently unfolded at Thulaganyo Secondary School, nestled in the heart of a township, illuminating a beacon of hope and inspiration for our students. We’ve grappled with a glaring deficiency in practical exposure for too long, primarily due to the dire lack of essential equipment. This transformational journey is now becoming a reality …

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Building Victorious Women

We are thrilled to share the remarkable success of our recent Building Victorious Women event – a dynamic convergence of empowerment and knowledge-sharing. This event, seamlessly integrated with our “Girls Code 2” competition and the invigorating book quiz, was an inspiring celebration of growth, learning and our future women leaders. What an exhilarating journey it …

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Robot and Drone School

The Tuks Robot School and UP Drone School are halfway through! The first four of eight lessons taught the learners computer-aided design (CAD), 3D printing, introduction to drones, as well as microprocessor programming. These programs aim to create an environment in which the University of Pretoria’s Joint-Community Project (JCP) students – the tutors – can …

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Mentorship at Oosrand Secondary

KTG hosted our first mentorship event of the year at Oosrand Secondary School in Boksburg, Johannesburg! KTG’s redesigned Mentorship program aims to facilitate an environment in which people from different walks of life can mutually benefit from the exchange of their ideas and experiences. The University of Pretoria’s Joint-Comminuty Project (JCP) students will be introduced …

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KTG has BIG plans for 2023

KTG is excited to announce its programs for the 2023 year. We will be running our usual MAP (Mathematics Accounting and Physics) Program and Robotics Programs as well as launching a brand new Computer Literacy Program, Building Victorious Women Program, Mentorship Program, as well as a Sustainability Program! We can’t wait for what is to …

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